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Kvarner is the region of the Croatian Adriatic which has an unusual position, which combines sea and mountains, and the mild Mediterranean climate with sharp mountain climate. One can say that this region is one of the few where you can ski and surf in the same day. Kvarner has more than 305,000 inhabitants. the largest city is Rijeka with 144,000 citizens. The official language in this area is Croatian, but in some places is still used Chakavianand Kajkavian dialekt.

The coast has average air temperature of 5.2 degrees celsius during the winter months and 23 degrees during the summer. Mountains in January have an air temperature below zero and in July 16.8 degrees. Due to the interesting geographical position Kvarner bay was attractive to various rulers throughout history. Thus Liburnians first settled the coast of Kvarner, followed by Greeks, Hungarians, Slavs and many others. Thanks to them today Istria has a rich cultural and economic heritage. So we can say that in this area there is 276 cultural monuments and 161 historic buildings. The quality of the sea is certainly better than in other parts of the Adriatic Sea thanks to the barely-present industry. Because of its purity and beauty, many beaches have been awarded with blue flag- which symbolizes purity, quality services and tidy sea environment. It can be said that Kvarner has the highest value in the beaches and secluded coves and beaches. The most famous is the Great Beach, which is gravel and sand, and extends over a length of 1.8 kilometers. Thanks to its wide variety and high quality catering facilities, many tourists come back again every year to make their holidays in this area. Accommodation is offered in many hotels and campsites, and apart from this type of accommodation, tourists can relax in the resorts, hostels, pensions, apartments and private homes. Kvarner is well connected with other units, the tourists can travel by car, by boat, by air or by public transport. It also offers a rich night life and quality restaurants that offer delicious specialties.

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Apartments Villa Luna

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