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Hvar - Jelsa

The island of Hvar and Jelsa Municipality are packed with rich cultural and historical monuments that can be found in parks, squares , caves and churches . Jelsa has a very indented coastline that contains a multitude of islands, headlands and bays , where tourists can relax and enjoy quality . 1991. Hvar signed the Declaration of the Central Dalmatian islands - which it proclaims the area ecologically clean zone , and clear blue skies and clean sea of Jelsa make a big sunny garden. Beaches in Jelsa Municipality are of sand, gravel, flat rocks and vast pine forests which give guests peace they need during the summer heat . Tourism has developed since the distant past , from the Middle Ages and antiquity , which are evidenting rustic remains that are located all over Hvar island. In the Middle Ages the island of Hvar was very well-attended , and many naturalists , archaeologists , adventurers and ethnologists are often studied minerals , ancient monuments and vegetation . 1868. when Hygienic Society of Hvar headed by Juri Duboković was established, began the organized tourism. Also known is the first hotel with 13 single rooms and a restaurant , which was located in the house Samohod – Duboković.

This is considered the beginning of modern tourism on the island. 1911. Has been opened the oldest hotel in Jelsa, Hotel Adriatic which had 14 rooms with modern furniture, a reading lounge, pub and restaurant. Former U.S. Secretary of State Madeleine Albright used to stay there as a 3 years old girl. Her stay was recorded in 1937. At the end of the 60s of the 20th century, tourism became an important branch of the island and it comes to the construction of apartments, restaurants, hotels, bars and a disco. There is also a gym in Jelsa containing outdoor soccer field, and it serves to all the tourists and locals of the island. It provides a large number of possibilities for recreational and sporting activities. On the beach you can rent power boats, motor boats, pedal boats, and if you want to play table tennis, mini golf, or any other type of sport you can use the tennis center in hotel Hvar.

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