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Perfect vacation in Dubrovnik

Perfect vacation in Dubrovnik
Dubrovnik is a city in the south of Croatia and one of its most important tourist and historical destinations. Here you can spend your dream vacation. Many attractions await you: historical buildings, beautiful nature, and an excellent night life combined with many apartments, private accommodation units, and even luxury hotels – the famous 5-star hotel Hilton with its long and rich history is located at the entrance to the old city. Green landscapes, the blue sea, white cliffs, the beautiful coastline, the scent of Mediterranean herbs – all this awaits you in Dubrovnik! The city itself is a monument, which UNESCO already recognised thirty years ago, as well as its St. Blaise Feast, (patron saint of Dubrovnik), which made it to the world heritage list in October 2010. The most famous tourist attraction is the city walls with its fortresses. They measure at 1940 meters including its five fortresses, four towers, and bastions. It is the second most visited open-air museum in the world which is open for tours all year long. Other famous sites include Stradun (the main street), churches, squares, islands Lokrum and Trsteno together with Elaphiti Islands, and many other attractions. Fort Lovrijenac, a symbol of Dubrovnik's freedom and its former defence line, is another famous tourist site. Above its gates stands the inscription NON BENE PRO TOTO LIBERTAS VENDITUR AURO, which translates to “Freedom is not to be sold for all the treasures in the world”. After a day’s sunbathing and relaxing, you can enjoy your evening in Dubrovnik by watching many street performers, listening to Dalmatian klapa singers, troubadours, and even serenaders. The area around Palace Sponza will impress you with dulcet tones. The Rector’s Palace used to be – and still is – a podium to many would musicians, and the squares become stages to many theatre stars during Dubrovnik Summer Games. You will surely enjoy your summer nights in Dubrovnik by drinking cocktails and dancing to jazz melodies. Night clubs and discothèques await you with their world-class dance music, rhythms, and strobe lights. See your first sunrise in Dubrovnik and enjoy in romantic moments – you will surely want to return!

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