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Baranja, a rural heaven

Baranja, a rural heaven
Baranja is a place where urbanism and tradition compete, but it is also one of the few places in Croatia that are not interested in the development of technology, at least not in the kind that attracts masses of guests and tourists. Baranja stretches over more than 5 thousand square kilometres but only a thousand or so are Croatian; the rest are under Hungarian territory. The first association someone gets when Baranja is mentioned is probably its endless vineyards and dreamy meadows. The highest peak of Baranja rises only 243 meters above sea level. Despite its sparse population Baranja is a very active and lively tourist region renowned for its private accommodation units which tourists recognised and now keep coming back because staying in a rural household is truly a special experience. The region offers a variety of events and happenings yearlong. On September 19, 2015 (Saturday) you can enjoy art colonies, and the day after a mixture of adrenaline and rural tourism: the best horse carriage and rider (m, f) are picked early in the morning, followed by various types of horseracing competitions and Baranjska alka in the evening. Baranja is thus also associated with the words “horse” and “village” but not only that: cooking contests, where you can try traditional food, are also very common, and especially satisfying to all “šokci” are events such as Honey Market and Grape Stomping. Aside from čobanac (spicy meat stew) and traditional food from the Slavonia region, this year you can also try fish food on “Fišijada” (Fish Fest), where each cooking contestant is given 3 kg of freshwater fish. Those who are not interested in good food or wine can find pleasure in recreation or other activities: for adventure lovers and those seeking a more active vacation Baranja offers archery. Although there are no mountains in Baranja, this region has other ways of testing your endurance. You can explore the woods by bicycle or afoot, seek refuge from bugs in the summer, discover new forest paths or relax by 

observing grazing herds of wild deer. Birdwatchers can enjoy a variety of beautifully plumaged bird species. People in Baranja are very kind and friendly so if you would like, learn, or better understand something – simply ask, everyone is willing to help. Many like to find refuge from heat in rivers and streams where they can also take a boat ride or paddle down the current. Adrenaline lovers can enjoy jeep rides while those who are more into relaxing activities can enjoy fishing, golf or simply sitting in a vineyard. Rural tourism is developed in Baranja and all guests are welcome: its private accommodation units are something special – enjoy holiday houses, apartments, camps, hotels, hostels and make yourselves at home in Baranja!

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